A significant difference in our studio that we take in the work of only those orders that are able to perform professionally and efficiently. All of the master agreed with the customer.

Only in our studio in the production of men’s suits not use synthetic adhesives!

Clay and organic wool fabrics not compatible!

Only natural materials applied Europe manufacturers. We do not save on quality products!

inside the jacket should be made of the same natural materials , as well as the fabric from which it is sewn.

Every penny spent by you in order to be justified by the quality!

Embroidered suit made ​​to order on the basic canons technology of manual labor. In the manufacture of the product details Strict proportions, the ratio of the products to the growth of the customer, fit to the fullness, shape silhouette sleeves to suit.

Experience masters admitted to tailoring products to order at least 10 years of continuous operation.

Sewing costumes to order is not only business, but also to enjoy the activities you love. After all, real Taylor – it craftsman !


In November 2013 Kiev visited one of the best tailors England Mr. Richard Anderson. We had a unique opportunity for personal contact during a master class for the production of men’s classic suit, custom-tailored to individual measures …
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